SNS 2013 Conference & Exhibition

Gee-Force have just got back from exhibiting at EEEGR’s SNS 2013 Sea of Opportunity Conference & Exhibition, the biggest energy event ever held in the East of England and what a great couple of days it’s been!

Laurence Shahlaei was with us on the stand and the winner of Britain’s Strongest Man 2012 proved to be quite a draw. The first international strongman event of the 2013 season – the Iceman challenge in Lapland – takes place on Saturday 16 March so we didn’t want to disrupt his preparations too much but he got to grips (quite literally) with the Rolling Thunder challenge. This basically is a dead-lift, revolving handle which is all about grip strength. Hats off to the two young Perenco-sponsored students who managed 50kg and the three not-quite-so-young delegates who achieved 60kg. But the star of the show was Halliburton’s Ian Littlewood who managed a whopping 70kg. As we only had weights totalling 77.7kg, needless to say Laurence wasn’t troubled greatly by whatever combination of weight was used, particularly as he has previously achieved 120kg!

It was good to catch up again with friends and clients amongst the 400 plus delegates including Andrew Wood and Simon Jennings of Score (Europe) Limited, Paul Wright of Expro North Sea Limited, Colin Clarke and Nick Alliston of Denholm Valvecare, Dan Benson of Cooper Lomaz and Lee Wright and Ian Littlewood of Halliburton to name but a few.

The Gala Dinner on the Tuesday night saw the winner of EEEGR Member of the Year 2012 announced and congratulations to the winning company 4NRg Ltd who won in the face of some stiff competition.

It has been a real privilege to have been one of the three nominees for Member of the Year 2012 and the profile gained as a result has been very welcome. Thanks to everyone who did take the trouble to vote. Also we should all be able to laugh, once again, at Nick’s video interview which we hope to put up on the website very soon.

From a Gee-Force viewpoint, the event has been a great success and it really is a “hats off” to EEEGR for the organisation of an event which, in football parlance, has leapt from League 1 to Premiership in just 12 months.