Gee-force burnley attic to engine

From Attic Room to Engine Room

Gee-Force Hydraulics started life in an attic room back in 2000, an attic room in Scott Park Road, Burnley to be precise. Followed a couple of years later by a move downstairs to the larger and more practical sitting room at the back of the house (we were carrying hire stock by then). Then on to small industrial premises on the Farrington Road Industrial Estate in Burnley and finally on to 2,400 sq.ft. modern industrial premises on the nearby Network 65 Business Park.

In between times of course, the company had also established a presence in Great Yarmouth, a mere 250 mile, 5-hour van journey between the two offices but the company’s home remained in Burnley, until now as the future is very much East of England focused. It is our East of England presence that has fuelled our business growth over the last five years and with the lease on the Unit 65 premises falling due for renewal, we took the decision to consolidate the company’s business activities under the one roof, in Great Yarmouth, the engine room of the East of England’s energy sector.

The end of an era as far as Gee-Force in Burnley is concerned but for Gee-Force in Great Yarmouth; more hire stock, more personnel and more capability. Our hire fleet now consists hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and manual torque equipment, hydraulic tensioning equipment, flange alignment and spreading equipment, hydraulic lifting cylinders and hydraulic vertical lifting wedges and through our rental partnership with industry leader HTL Group we enjoy access to the largest hire fleet of its kind in the UK including portable machines, flushing rigs and hydraulic cutters.

So, the attic room is no more. The engine room beckons. Thanks for everything Burnley. It’s been a blast.