HTL DSX Square Drive Torque Wrench

  • Reduced operating costs with high cycle design and fewer moving parts
  • Working at Height attachment
  • Fully retained, quick release reaction arm

Torque Range

202 to 39,681 Nm  149 to 29,267 lb.ft 

Square Sizes

3/4" to 2 1/2"   


2.2 - 32.5 Kg  4.2 to 71.6 lbs 

Integrated Safety Features

Safety Handle, Retained Reaction  Arm and Square Drive, Tether Ring 

DSX Square Drive Torque Wrench


DSX Square Drive Torque Wrench

Designed with both operator and on-site safety in mind, the DSX Hydraulic Torque Wrench range includes patented industry-first features.

Aimed to reduce dropped objects when working at height, the DSX range includes a fully retained reaction arm which remains connected to the tool whilst it is adjusted, as well as working at height connection point.

Features and Benefits

  • Patented, easy to use quick release, fully retained reaction arm
  • Supplied with an ergonomic safety handle as standard
  • In-built safety tether attachment point
  • Multi-direction 360 x 180° high flow stainless steel hose swivel
  • Compact nose radius for tight locations
  • Reduced operating costs with high cycle design with fewer moving parts
  • Fine tooth ratchet prevents the tool ‘locking on’
  • Fully enclosed drive for maximum operator safety
  • High strength, lightweight, slimline design
  • Push-button quick release, reversible square drive
  • Long-stroke piston ensures a high degree of nut rotation
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Models from 3/4” sq drive to 2 1/2” sq drive.
  • Tool accuracy +/- 3%

Patented Industry First Features

Innovative safety features make the HTL DSX Hydraulic Torque Wrench perfect for working at height. The range includes a retained reaction arm, secured square drive, a safety tether connection point for securing the tool to prevent dropped objects and a safety handle for positioning the tool onto the bolt.

Fewer Moving Parts

The HTL DSX contains fewer moving parts than competing tools, making it more efficient to operate, repair and maintain throughout the whole of its life cycle.

Atex Approved
CE Approved
Made in the UK
Hands Free Bolting Compatible
12 Month Warranty