HTL Hose Test Rig

Hose Test Rig

Hose Test Rig

HTL’s premium hose test rig is designed to test high pressure hydraulic hoses and other hydraulic components such as valves and manifolds up to a maximum test pressure of 30,000 psi.

To ensure operator safety the unit has a fully enclosed test chamber and the incorporated safety valve releases pressure before the canopy is opened.

The unit is compatible with a wide range of test mediums including water, water based media and hydraulic oils, and can be modified to meet your bespoke requirements making it ideal for any hose test requirement.

Features and Benefits

  • Proof, cycle and burst testing up to 45,900 psi / 3,700 bar
  • Single or Multi-hose test rigs available
  • Optional data logging systems
  • Fully Interlocked test compartments
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact ergonomic design and layout

CE Approved
Made in the UK
12 Month Warranty