• MS DL Ricci Clamshell Cutter (542.9mm - 768.4mm)
  • MS DL Ricci Clamshell Cutter (542.9mm - 768.4mm)
  • MS DL Ricci Clamshell Cutter (542.9mm - 768.4mm)

MS DL Ricci Clamshell Cutter (542.9mm – 768.4mm)

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MS DL Ricci Clamshell Cutter (542.9mm – 768.4mm)

The DL Ricci™ MS or Mid-Size portable clamshell lathe weighs less than those in the the HD series but provide greater rigidity than machines in the NB series. Each of the machines within the MS series have a height of 3.03″ (76.96 mm) and a width of 3.83″ (97.28 mm). These dimensions provide increased manoeuvrability and greater clearance than the HD series. These portable split frame machines are capable of pipe cutting, bevelling, facing, ID boring and OD turning on a wide range of wall thicknesses.

Features and Benefits

  • 12 Standard models cover a range of 4.125” (104.8 mm) to 48.25” (1225.6 mm) OD
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic drive options provide increased versatility
  • Fully adjustable heavy duty bearing design provides greater serviceability
  • Stepped and keyed gear clamps equipped with a through bolt provide a positive fit at each assembly joint
  • Several different drive options are available to best position the motor for a specific machining application
  • MS series clamshells accept a wide range of accessories to increase performance and expand capabilities
  • Locator extensions are compatible with the NB series clamshells

The machine is supplied complete with the following items:

  • Clamshell body
  • Locators & extensions covering the full range
  • Slides
  • Motor & Mounting
  • Air Caddy
  • Tool Kit
  • Manual
  • Shipping crate