HTL-W Hydraulic Torque Wrench

  • Part of the HTL 3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench Range
  • Built from durable, high quality materials
  • With various interchangeable attachments available, this tool is suitable for any application

Torque Range

202 to 39,681 Nm  149 to 29,267 lbf.ft 

Integrated Safety Features

Ergonomic Handle, Link Pin  Retainer & Tether 


1.0 to 11.4 Kg  2.2 to 25.1 lbs 

3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench Power Head

Part of the innovative HTL 3-in-1 Modular System


3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench Power Head

HTL’s innovative 3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench is part of a modular system which is made up of a single power head and three attachments; the Low Profile, Square Drive and Ultra-Low. The HTL 3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench is able to solve all of your bolting challenges quickly and safely, with one or more attachment options, making it suitable for any application.

Extremely durable, this premium tool is made from the highest quality materials and is amongst the most innovative torque tooling designed to date. This ensures that with the use of the HTL 3-in-1, the operator can not only utilise various attachments to suit any application, but also interchange these with many other well-known brands.

The tool, which is designed and manufactured in the UK, comes with a 12 month warranty and full CE and ATEX approval.

Operator Safety

To improve operator safety HTL have also designed an ergonomic, adjustable torque wrench handle which can be easily fitted to HTL’s 3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench. This lightweight, durable accessory can prevent injuries such as trapped fingers by eliminating the need to hold the tool itself.

The HTL 3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench is also supplied with a link pin retainer as standard.

Features & Benefits

  • Interchangeable with other manufacturers
  • Supplied with an ergonomic tool safety handle as standard
  • Multi direction 360 x 180 high flow hose swivel
  • Torque range from 149 to 29,267 lbf.ft, 202 to 39,681 Nm

The most durable Hydraulic Torque Wrench in the world

With low, ultra-low and square drive link attachments the HTL 3-in-1 Hydraulic Torque Wrench can solve almost any bolting challenge.

Atex Approved
CE Approved
Made in the UK
Hands Free Bolting Compatible
12 Month Warranty

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