HTL-SS Subsea Tensioners

  • Quick release nut with unique positive locking system
  • Made in the UK
  • Improves safety and productivity

Bolt Ranges Covered

M20 to M90  3/4″ to 3 1/2″ 

Tool Load

140 to 2,575 kN   

Stroke Length

20 - 30 mm   


3 - 32 kg  6 - 70 

Subsea Bolt Tensioners


Subsea Bolt Tensioners

The HTL range of Subsea Bolt Tensioners has been designed and manufactured in the UK to suit the demanding requirements of divers operating in harsh subsea environments.

This range of tensioners brings a new generation of bolting with a Quick Release Nut (QRN) which has a unique positive locking system (patent pending), with a bolt coverage of 3/4” – 3 1/2” and M20 – M90.

Comprising of a range that includes 7 bolt tensioning tools, this series is capable of tensioning a vast range of subsea pipeline flanges. They are made from high strength corrosion resistant steel which reduces maintenance work to a minimum after subsea use and incorporates an anti-slip cylinder surface for improved handling.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique, patented positive locking system
  • Improves safety and productivity
  • QRN reduces diver fatigue
  • 3/4” – 3 1/2” and M20 – M90 bolt coverage
  • Anti-slip cylinder surface for improved handling

Quick Release Nut

HTL’s Subsea Tensioners all include an innovative and patented quick release nut. Designed to speed up the bolting process, the QRN drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to set up the tensioners subsea as they’re spring-loaded, reducing diver fatigue and increasing efficiency.

Visible in the Toughest Conditions

The high visibility anti-slip cylinder surface makes the tool easier to handle and provides better visibility even in the toughest underwater conditions.

Atex Approved
CE Approved
Made in the UK
12 Month Warranty