HTL Hydraulic Wind Tensioners

  • Spring Loaded Gear Driven Nut Run Down
  • Positive Stop to Protect Seals from Over Stroke
  • Quick Connect Hydraulic Fittings

Thread Size

M30, M36, M39,   M42, M48, M64 

Max Load

513 - 2370 kN  51.5 - 237.9 tonf 

Stage Options

Single &  Multi Stage 

Cycle Counter


Wind Tensioners


Wind Tensioners

The HTL Wind Tensioners are a range of hydraulic bolt tensioning tools developed and designed to suit a variety of wind turbine bolting applications.

The Tensioner range includes models that are suitable for: Blade Bolts, Rotor, Main Shaft, Mid and Upper tower, Blade Bearing, Foundation, Nacelle applications and many more on a wide spectrum of OEM Wind Turbines.

Offering a safe and reliable solution, the HTL Wind Tensioners are a compact design which includes a positive stop to protect seals from over stroke and a spring-loaded gear-driven nut run down as well as many other features to ensure speed and ease of operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Positive stop to protect seals from over stroke
  • Spring-loaded gear-driven nut run down
  • Quick connect hydraulic fittings
  • 1/2” square drive tool run down
  • Port safety guard – optional
  • Stroke limit indicator
  • Cycle counter – optional
  • Cycle limit safety mechanism